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    SMSing a Webservr

    Hi All,
    Can any one tell me a way to capture a SMS sent from a mobile phone by a webserver...

    SMS from a Mobile --> SMSC--> webserver

    In principal I want the SMS sent to be available at my webserver..

    Howto go abt this???

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    Solution for SMS capture to WebServer

    They are few solution for you as I am not sure which one is suitable for your server's environment so I just give u 2 of its.

    1. Use a PC which is connected to a GSM modem or handphone with modem supported to capture the SMS via schedule preset as 1 min per checking then each time when your software received a SMS it auto submit to one of your webserver's cgi form.


    2. Connect your webserver with a GSM modem and set a crontab as running a C program or perl script and capture the SMS and save to your httpd's folder or SQL database for your webserver to retrieve.


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