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    I cant run series 60

    I wanted to develop a nokia Ngage Game in C++, so i downloaded "Series_60_SDK_v0.9_for_Symbian_OS.zip ".
    firstly i installed perl and then java runtime 1.4 and then the SDK

    after installing i found none of the icons worked, i have tryed to do everything in my power to get this SDK to work , i even installed it on 3 machines.
    i am beggin for help here, i need to develop a nokia game for a project and my time is running short.
    Please Please Please some one help me.

    thank you in advanced to whom replys.

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    why you dont try to install a newer version of SDK for Series60 like 1.2????? and is Java version is installed the version required????

    i dont remeber versions now, but i think you dont install recent versions... maybe Perl....

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