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    Detecting commercial throughput limit on submitted MMS

    Using the Mobile Services API how do I detet when a message has failed to be submitted because of restrictions on the commercial licence. I did see another post mentioning CCR event code 103 etc - can I detect that from the API with a call like this:

    try {
    String messageId = engine.send(message);
    } catch (DriverException e) {

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    Only successful response from MMSC will contain the MessageId information. In all other cases where the message is failed from some reason,
    the MessageId information should be null and the header X-NOKIA-MMSC-Message-Id does not exist.(appears only in success response).
    The MMS library is using this feature that's why the method String messageId = engine.send(message); returns the messageId only in successful cases in all other cases the string it is empty.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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