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    Nokia 22 <-> Nokia 6210

    Is there (Will there be in the future) a Nokia device, where one can store/dock a mobile phone like the 6210 (as if in a carkit), so the battery will be charged, and incomming GSM calls will be fed into a analog landline or PBX (similar to the Siemens HomeStation).

    I am looking for such a device, for the folowing reason. I have a Nokia 6210 (and before that a 6110) issued by my employer. In my company car a Nokia carkit suitable for the issued hand set is installed.
    I work from home 4 days a week, so I have a company issued landline, a company issued mobile phone, and oh yeah, also a private landline. I do not want to walk around with 3 portable phones on my belt... The two land lines I feed therefor into a PBX, and at the moment I am using a SAGEM DualPhone. This hand set is capable to connect to both a DECT base station, and a GSM provider. However ther are two not so good things about this:
    1) this phone sometimes losses GSM connection, without indicating it.. (it shows the connection to the provider, while incomming calls go straight into Voicemail..)
    2) when I go away from home using the car, I run the risk of a high fine, or I have to swap the SIM between the SAGEM and Nokia, and back.
    Now Siemens has a solution I like, the HomeStation, but it has the same SIM_swap drawback. Installing a private carkit in the company car is a not up for discussion.

    The Nokia 22 also has the SIM_swap drawback, otherwise this would be a nice solution

    So has_there_been/is_there/will_there_be a Nokia device similar to the Siemens HomeStation?

    (Siemens HomeStation Description http://www.my-siemens.com/MySiemens/...2Fdesc,00.html)
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