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    8890 Ringing tone

    Hi,I'm able send a ring tone to my mobile 8890 using SMS.It says the new ring tone received, but when I try to play back the same, it is not palying (even though in the screen it is showing at being played).
    The sms i composed was as follows:
    Part I:
    //SCKL15811581010201 024A3A5DB5A5CDCDA5BDB804007698CBEA2742942742942742942742942742742942B42D42F431431020C31020C37021023021031020C31020C2D02102F0210

    Part II:
    //SCKL15811581010202 31020C31020C37021023021031020C31020C2D02102F021037031026421437031024421437031022421049B8288C0000

    Does the length of each part matters?

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    RE: 8890 Ringing tone


    I think your ring tone data is somehow corrupted, these messages were recognized as a ring one ring tone that has no name. If you are using a 8-bit chars, maximum length of user data including headers is 140.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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