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    Polling MMS from a 6600 with a PC

    For an university art project, my brother wants to display multimedia messages on a big screen immediately when they arrive, and asked me whether that could be done.

    Being a programmer myself (C++ and Java, but without any experience with programming for mobile phones), my first idea was to

    - receive the messages with his Nokia 6600 mobile phone and
    - use a PC to poll the phone for new messages at regular intervalls, then
    - transfer these messages to the PC and do any processing and decoding (if required) there.

    Originally, I thought it couldn't be too difficult to figure out how to do that, but now I've been wading through the documentation (Connectivity SDK, Series 60 SDK) for hours and can't find a way -- so I would be thankful for any pointers you could give me.


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    Michael, there's more than one way to skin a cat...

    An alternative that comes to my mind is:
    1)Get a deal with a local operator and set up a short number (e.g. 12345).
    2)When MMS messages are sent to this number, they are routed to your server-based application.
    3)As a Java programmer, you can easily take the NMSS SDK 1.3 and create your application that takes out the images of the message and stores them wherever you need them for displaying.

    Next idea, more close to yours:
    1)There's an application that someone (Digia?) has done that projects your S60 screen over bluetooth to your PC in realtime. Get it.
    2)Then work out how to get all MMSs to show on the phone's screen without prompting. This is gonna take some doing. You'll want to ask around on the Symbian side of things how to handle this. There are some MMS examples available -- search ForumNokia and the web for everything you can find.

    The first idea I think is by far the easiest to pull off, but it's step one may be possibly very expensive - I just don't have any idea.

    The second step of the second idea is the real tough one, and it's what you have to solve in your idea, too, sort of. I think it's doable, but you need to plan on spending **many** hours figuring it all out.

    ...and I'm sure you can probably figure out about 15 other ways to try to do this. Hopefully that helped a little, though.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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