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    SMS time stamp format with time zone parameter?

    According GSM specification 03.40 SMS include time stamp which format is the local time and the time zone parameter. The time zone parameter indicates the difference, expressed in quarters of an hour, between local time and GMT time.

    We have used this complete time stamp for embedded units time setting over time zones, but it does not work with most of operator particular them who use Nokias SMSC.

    According three operators comments seems that Nokia do not support that time zone parameter. Is there any possibility to use it?

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    RE: SMS time stamp format with time zone parameter?


    At least some versions of SMSC have this feature. I was able to have this feature trough our test SMSC as follows:

    The TP-Service-Centre-Time-Stamp field is given in semi-octet representation (each semi-octet consists of two digital decimals), and represents the local time in the following
    Field Length
    Year 1 These semi-octets are in "Swapped Nibble"
    Month 1
    Day 1
    Hour 1
    Minute 1
    Second 1
    Timezone 1
    Relation to GMT. One unit is 15min. If MSB=1, value is negative.

    E.g.: 0x99 0x20 0x21 0x50 0x75 0x03 0x12 means 12. Feb 1999 05:57:30 GMT+3

    Swapped Nibble presentation
    BCD code where nibbles within octet is swapped. E.g.: 0x31 Represents value of 13

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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