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Thread: WAP Server

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    WAP Server

    I would request someone to please help me out implementing a WAP server v1.1.1 on my pc. the task i have been assigned to do is
    1) Install the wap server on my PC
    2) then dialin my PC using my wap enabled mobile phone with settings using the phone no and the PC IP address
    3) retrieve the wap contents from this server

    I have installed the Wap server on my windows 2000 server , but do not exactly know how to proceed, Can someone please help me in detail regading how can i do this as soon as

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    RE: WAP Server


    I did not catch fully what did you mean by saying WAP server v1.1.1, but never mind. I guess it is just another WAP server product :-)

    Anyway, it should go like it follows:

    1) You set up a dial-in server (Network Access Server) by yourself (this allows you to dial in and get IP address for your calling terminal). Cisco AS5300 is one of NAS's available, quite nasty to configure. If you want to do Radius authentication, you have to set up Radius proxy, Nokia Activ Server has also this proxy feature. See http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2138.txt for more information about Radius authentication.

    2) You use commercial telco operator's GGSN (GRPS access point) to establish the connect. Make sure, that your operator allow you to use external gateways with that particular GPRS access point.

    3) In both cases above, you must have your server's IP configured to terminal's settings as a gateway and of course have the WAP Server up and running. You can test it is working e.g. using Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit and set there WAP GW server as a gateway. Can be done by selecting Settings -> Toolkit preferences -> Profile settings; change Connection Type to WAP gateway connection and type the IP address of your WAP server to text field "Gateway address". Also your WAP GW server must be visible to Internet.

    4) You have to have a HTTP server (httpd) running on either same computer or another computer where your WAP content (WML files) are placed. Be sure that WAP content types are configured properly to the httpd's MIME settings. For example, WML media type is text/vnd.wap.wml.

    Hope this helps you out :-)

    Best Regards,

    Samuli/Forum Nokia

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    RE: WAP Server

    As I understand, you're using Nokia Wap Server 1.1.1

    Here are comments to your steps:
    1) After installing wap server on your PC, please start it, start traffic (check Getting Started/Admin guide). I suggest to test installation with WAP Toolkit first (remember to set Connection Type: Wap Gateway in Toolkit Preferences). If everything works, you can proceed to the next step.
    2) enabling RAS dial-in on your W2K machine should help with this. You can use dynamic IP address allocation for dialing phone, for example
    3) To be able to retrieve any data from WAP server, you have to configure phone properly, this depends on phone model.

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