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    Creating an SMS Quiz game

    Creating an SMS Quiz game

    I've been ask to develop an SMS game for a compettion, it should be a fairly simple type of game, with a few rounds, but with possible high volume SMS traffic, unfortunatly most of my programming xp comes from video games, so i know little about the implementation of SMS games. So this is really my first look into this type of gaming and of course mobile technology. altough I am familair with many of the concepts

    So I have a few questions to start off.
    1. Where and What is the sms game server, is it ?
    A) an application running on the Network Provider Server
    B) an application running on (let say my machine) that gets the call routed to it from the Network Provider (maybe by internet connection?)
    C) an applcaition running on my machine with a mobile hooked up an my responsing to every SMS in a frenzy) 8)

    2. Considering the First answer, what software do i need to get developing
    3. Whats the ideal language to program in C++ / Java, I much perfer to work with c++

    4. Any good relativley cheap off the self solutions for creating sms quiz games, which can be modifed to add new functionility


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    Dear sir,
    I think that we have answers to all your questions.
    In case you are interested, please email us vanya11@one.ee

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