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    MIDP/WAP browser interoperability

    Hi. Understand that WAP broswer in some J2ME-enabled phones is able to detect download of MIDlet's descriptor (.jad) and load up the MIDlet (.jar) by invoking the phone's application manager (JAM) or MIDP runtime accordingly.

    Wondering if any API in MIDP (presently or to be introduced in near future) that allows MIDlet to load up a given URL in the WAP browser.

    In web browser, we can get an applet to load up a URL in web browser with:-

    getAppletContext().showDocument(new URL("http://foo.com/whatever/blah.doc&quot)

    What about getting MIDlet to load up a URL in WAP browser?

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    RE: MIDP/WAP browser interoperability

    This is from my Java Guru friend. Hey, dude, why don't you just create your own account? Dork.

    So here is his answer.

    "Sure....a MIDlet can open up an http connection (look in the java.io.* and javax.microedition.io.* classes) , get the data back and parse the html/wml/whatever to display data. But a MIDlet can't go out and load up another MIDlet because the MIDlet can't invoke the JAM."

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