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    Get the sent status from MSComm1


    I have made an application in visual basic, which sends a SMS via AT commands. Mostly the SMS' are send right, but sometimes the SMS is not sent or a SMS with nonsens content is sent.

    How can i check if an SMS is sent or not?

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    As far as the AT commands are concerned, you should get the following...

    Text mode and sending ok:
    +CMGS: <mr>[,<scts>]

    PDU mode and sending ok:
    +CMGS: <mr>[,<ackpdu>]

    where "mr" is the message reference value.

    Just that should give you some sense of whether or not the SMS got there.

    Or you could *also* use settings to request a status report, and then if the message reaches its recipient, you should get a status report, referring to the message with the "mr" value you got when you first sent it.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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    if doing in VB .net, how ler?

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