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    CDMA vs. GSM SMS Sending?


    I have a C++ Windows app that I use to send SMS messages via the InfraRed port. I have been using my 6310i phone without problem.

    I recently got a new 3200 phone and can no longer send SMS. When I interogate the phones I get the following differences:

    SWV - 4.80
    Ph. Type - NPL-1
    Sys Type - CS_TYPE_GSM
    Friendly Name - Nokia 6310i

    SWV - a3.12
    Ph. Type - RH3
    Sys Type - CS_TYPE_CDMA
    Friendly Name - Nokia 2285

    My network provider is a GSM netowrk, I am using the original sim and the phone works fine.

    It appears that the two system types available to me are TDMA and GSM, however, I feel that the CDMA response from the phone is wrong or suspect.

    Can anyone offer any advice?

    Graeme Townsend

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    This is definately strange.
    Where did you get your phone from?
    Are you sure that your interrogation techniques are correct?
    Can you recieve a signal on this phone? Voice calls work?

    The Nokia 3200 is a GSM phone.

    My first impression is that... whoever flashed the firmware onto your phone used the wrong model firmware... possibly the software build for Nokia 2285 which is a CDMA phone. This would explain why the phone is not working properly.

    But, then, on second though, the software is very different and I would expect that if the wrong firmware was flashed onto a phone, it would not be able to turn ON or get a signal. Actually, if the firmware versions were drastically different, the phone could be ruined by apply the wrong firmware.

    Try this...
    When your phone is on the standy-by screen (no applications open), press * # 0000 #
    Then, tell me what your phone says. Then, I can try to trace that to proper firmware versions for the Nokia 3200.

    You might need to take the phone back to the seller and ask them to flash it with the proper firmware build.... Nokia 3200.

    ~quyen / Forum Nokia

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    Hi Quyen,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The odd thing is, the phone works fine, voice calls, SMS, etc...

    Using *#0000# I get the following.
    V a3.12
    (c) Nokia

    The trouble arises when I use my app via the Infra Red port.

    Using NokiaCLSettings::IPhoneInfo4->GetPhoneInfo()
    I get the following details:
    SWV - a3.12
    Ph. Type - RH-30
    System Type - CS_TYPE_CDMA
    Friendly Name - Nokia 2285

    And the technique I successfully used to send SMS via the InfraRed port on my 6310i fails on the 3200!

    Of interest, the Nokia Connection Manager see's the phone as a Nokia 3200, however, the Nokia PC Suite software refuses to acknowledge it!

    Graeme Townsend

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    OK, well, from the information you gave, your phone looks OK. It has the latest firmware version for the 3200.

    Maybe the Nokia Connection Manager is not able to recognize the new phone?
    If you are having problems with PC Suite, try a new version of PC Suite. There might have been a new release in PC Suite version when this phone was released to keep up with new features and HW changes. You can download it for free by going to "Phones Support" at Nokia.com.

    For further problems with your mobile or PC Suite, you should contact your local Nokia Care center. You can find the contact information by going to Nokia.com, selecting your Region, and then selecting "Care Center Locator".

    Good luck and have fun!

    ~ quyen / Forum Nokia

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