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    MMSC EAIF emulator : error PDU type


    I'm trying to send a MMS (generated with NMIT 4.0 from a SMIL file).
    Using the PUSH function in NMIT, I can receive the MMS on an emulator (Series 60 Content Authoring SDK 1.2).

    But when I try to send the MMS from a MMSC EAIF emulator to another instance of MMSC EAIF emulator I get the following error :-

    <E> Invalid PDU message type: -124

    I can't see where the error can come from.

    Please someone can help me ?

    Emil /\ _\
    \ /_/

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    Probably you need to try to send a send-req type of MMS message. Check the Toolkit settings when you create the MMS - you can choose which type to create.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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