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    how to send at commands to 5110

    I want to know exactly how to send at commands to 5110 without using nokia softwares.Is it necessary to send at commands through virtual serial port?

    I gave the string 1e 00 0c ....... by packing ,forming pdu ,calculating the crc & observed the responses from the handset.I got the response string containing 7f & also the data frame containing the smsc number.

    My aim is to send sms ,receive it , decode it .

    Where will i get the pdu protocol for 5110, its responses & the detailed meanings of the pdu responses ?

    please help.

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    at commands

    i have successfully completed at commands for T10s ereccisson phoine i am having pdu to text and text to pdu convwersion software

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    it's right or not

    'if you are a chinese you may use this
    'it's work in Windows NT 2000 Xp or later
    'becase of ASCW() function must be supported by Unicode

    Public Function HanZhiToPDU(strSource As String) As String
    Dim iLen As Integer '字符串长度
    Dim sTmp As String ' 临时变量
    Dim iLoop As Integer '裚环变量
    Dim sT As String

    strSource = Trim(strSource) '去除前后空格
    iLen = Len(strSource) '取得串长度

    If iLen = 0 Then
    Exit Function

    End If

    For iLoop = 1 To iLen
    sT = CStr(Hex(AscW(Mid(strSource, iLoop, 1))))
    sT = Right("00" & sT, 4)
    sTmp = sTmp & sT
    Next iLoop

    HanZhiToPDU = sTmp '返回PDU串

    End Function

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