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    Application Error in Nokia 3650

    I'm currently trying to develop a java MIDlet for the Nokia 3650, and some time ago I had a version on the game that was installed on the cellphone and it worked fine.

    A few days later, I added more content to the MIDlet and when I load it onto the phone, it simply prints the message

    Application Error

    And then it exits. Then it gets even wierder: I tried deleting the new build and reinstall the version that was working before, and even that version doesn't work. I had to roll back several versions to find one that loads on the phone properly.

    All these versions work perfectly fine on the emulator (Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS v. 1.2.1), the heap size is well under the limit, but the jar file is larger than most MIDlets (around 130k) so it could be the reason, but even after I remove all the dynamic resources and reduce the file to 50k, the MIDlet still wouldn't run.

    I tried turning the phone on and off, pulling out the battery and putting it back in, still no luck.

    Any idea on what went wrong, and especially why a known working version suddenly have errors on the cell phone?

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    I had a similar problem a while ago, I was deploying new versions to the phone (via infrared messaging) and they were messing up. I found that when I deleted all the messages containing the application I could deploy correctly.

    Ensure any messages (old and new) containing the app are deleted, I know it sounds strange but it worked for me.

    Good luck.

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    Try doing a master reset of the phone. Perhaps something has been left lying about that is still being read or creates conflicts. If the bug occurs when you try to strt the app on the device then it is not an inbox problem - although this seems to be a common bug on Nokia devices that is not present on others - when you receive an application in your inbox and a version of that application is already present in the inbox, an error occurs.

    However be aware that a master reset will delete all user installed applications and all user data, so be sure to have a copy of anything before you do it.

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