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    Problems w/vCard through email to Nokia 5165 phone


    I am thoroughly stumped by this one. I have a Nokia 5165 (TDMA) phone which supports ring tones and vCard through SMS. I have had success with ring tones being sent either through ICQ's SMS gateway to my phone, as well as through emailing <phone_num@provider.net>.

    For testing purposes the ICQ SMS gateway is fine, but for batch loading 100 addresses into my address book, I thought I'd go the email route. For some reason, my phone never receives any messages sent to it through email. Works fine through ICQ's SMS gateway however, sending the same data as in the email. I know the data is definitely good. Here's a sample:

    For instance, for this vCard:

    FN:John Q. Public

    my perl script generates the following three messages:

    //SCKL23F400E2000301 424547494E3A56434152440D0A464E3A4A6F686E20512E205075626C69630D0A54454C3B484F4D453A3939392D

    //SCKL23F400E2000302 3535352D313231320D0A454D41494C3A666F6F7573657240736F6D65646F6D61696E2E636F6D0A0D0A454E443A

    //SCKL23F400E2000303 56434152440D0A

    Anyone have any ideas why the messages never appear to make it to my phone through the email gateway? As I stated earlier, the same delivery system works for //SCKL1581 (ring tones). Do you think the provider would be filtering content?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    RE: Problems w/vCard through email to Nokia 5165 phone

    Here is an example that I have been using in text mode:
    TP-UD. User data, contains message (7 bit)

    FN:mr James Dean\r
    TEL;HOME;VOICE:+358 50 123 1234\r

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    vCard in text mode

    I'm using an SMS service which only allows me access to the text portion of an SMS message.

    So I can't play with UDHI or anything else.

    I've seen several reports that it is possible to send vCard via text SMS by prefixing with various variations on //SCKLxxxx or SCKE2yyy but none of them seem to work for me.

    Is this prefix only for use in serial comms with the handset ?

    Is it constrained to only work with certain models of handset ?

    Any and all help appreciated.


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