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    RE: SMS over IR w/ 3360


    There is not much documentation on AT commands. I would sugest you
    go to form nokia and get the documentation on the Nokia Phone card.
    and maybe you could hack that command set.


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    SMS over IR w/ 3360

    It would seem the 3360 does not support the extended AT command set for sending SMS messages over IR through the modem.

    ie AT+CMGS=XX simply returns an error...

    Are the details of the support AT commands specifically for the 3360 available ? Or is this a firmware issue ?



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    RE: SMS over IR w/ 3360

    SMS at-commands are not available in TDMA phones.
    Forum Nokia Developer Support, Mirja

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    SMS OVER TDMA (with SDK)

    Same project
    Hi, I am Juan Pablo,

    I am trying to send/recive SMS over TDMA (with my NOKIA 3360), I tried the examples "SendSMS" and Read SMS", in the "Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 - Extensive Component Library Reference.pdf " file, making the changes for TDMA, but nothing.

    Could anybody mail me the correct code, or give me a hand with my code???

    This is for Read SMS:

    Private smsObj As NokiaCLMessaging.ShortMsgAdapter
    Private messageItemObj As NokiaCLMessaging.ShortMessageItem
    Private deliverObj As NokiaCLMessaging.ITDMADeliver
    Private tdmaObj As NokiaCLMessaging.ITDMAGMS

    Private Sub Form_Load()

    Set smsObj = New NokiaCLMessaging.ShortMsgAdapter
    Set messageItemObj = New NokiaCLMessaging.ShortMessageItem

    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)

    Set smsObj = Nothing
    Set messageItemObj = Nothing

    End Sub

    Private Sub ReadSMS_Click()

    On Error GoTo ErrorTrap

    Set mesageItemObj = smsObj.ReadSMS(SHORTMESSAGE_MEMORY_DEFAULT, 0, smsIndex.Text)

    MsgStatus.Caption = messageItemObj.MessageStatus

    Set deliverObj = messageItemObj.TypeProperties

    txtMessageText.Text = deliverObj.Message
    txtSenderNumber.Text = deliverObj.OriginatorAddress
    txtsenttime.Text = deliverObj.Duratation

    Set deliverObj = Nothing

    Exit Sub


    MsgBox ("Source: " & Err.Source & Chr$(10) _
    & "ErrorDescription: " & Err.Description _
    & Chr$(10) & "HelpContext: " & Err.HelpContext)

    End Sub

    That program, does not show errror messages, but it does not show any message in the txtMessageText.Text ! I tried with numbers from 1 to 20 in the smsIndex.Text

    With other numbers an error message appear. Both showing nothing in the txtMessageText.Text , nothing in the txtSenderNumber.Text and nothing in the txtsenttime.Text

    It only show the message status = 3.

    I saw that you posted the messages on march, so mybe you could do it.

    Could you or anybody give me a hand ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Juan Pablo Sanchez : jpsanchez46@hotmail.com

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