Iam facing a peculiar problem while sending SMS from CDMA Handset to Nokia GSM 1100 Handset.
Message will be sent successfully but Nokia 1100 willnot show as SMS received nor display the message.

But CDMA SMSC shows SMS delivered.Even i can see Forward_SM response from GSM MSC that SMS is delivered.

Also SMS is getting displayed from GSM to GSM Nokia 1100.

After analysing the Protocol traces i found the following parameter is different for CDMA to GSM and GSM to GSM.
Protocol Identifier
---00000 SM-AL protocol 0
--0----- Telematic interworking No interwork,SME-to-SME prot
00------ Usage 0


Protocol Identifier
---11111 SM-AL protocol 31
--0----- Telematic interworking No interwork, SME-to-SME prot
00------ Spare 0

Can any one tell what is this parameter exactly,and why Nokia 1100 is not getting the message.and Nokia 3310 is able to display the message.

Is there any new featurers are added to this Nokia 1100 Handet??I guess this parameter is causing the problem.