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    MAKESIS making EMPTY SIS files!!!


    I have a strange problem that I have not seen in a few years of
    Symbian programming.

    My makesis has started producing null, or stub SIS files. The build
    that it is working on works fine as an application. When I run
    "makesis -v", it does not complain, and spits out all the expected
    comments about each line it processes. however, when it is done, the SIS file it produced is 100 bytes!

    Has anyone seen this? Any ideas?

    Can anyone comment on the underlying requirements for Makesis? (i.e. does it use Perl, just a C++ exe, or what?). I'm trying to imagine whether anything could have changed in my environment that could have caused this.


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    AFAIK it is a C++ exe.
    May be the error is with the file paths (files with which u want to make a sis file).

    Try giving absolute paths, rather than the realtive paths in the pkg file

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