is it possible to emulate the filtering app capability of EAIF with MM7?

The scenario I have in mind is:
There is a pool of MSISDN:s whose MMSes will be routed from the MMSC to a filtering app for processing. It seems to me that with EAIF this would be trivial, but not with MM7 WSIF since with MM7 WSIF I would need to receive the MMS in the external app and then resend it. The resending bit is the problem, since the from and to fields would need to be preserved and thus the routing logic would reroute the MMS back to the external app resulting in an eternal loop.

Any thoughts on this?

Anyway, from another thread it seems that configuring the Nokia MMSC for this use case is not supported out of the box, but it might be possible with the terminal profile dependent routing.