Firstly, let me say I am extremely confused. I can make ringtones for most phones which work fine, I download them onto my sagem my x-6, and then send them on. But when I send them to a nokia it gets an error "you have recieved a picture/video message, visit www.orange.co.uk/... to recieve it"

Does any one know why this is?

As I have converted them into sp-midi files, as far as I'm aware it could be one of a few things
1. The nokia I am sending it to (a 3510 and an n-gage) don't support ringtones through mms
2. I need to send the ringtones off a nokia, or a different way through the PC.

Are they any programs on the nokia site that let me do what I want to do and create ringtones for nokias?

I have the content publishing suite, but I don't really know what it should be used for.