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    Logo Sending using Hyperterminal, please help!

    I have read the Smart Messaging FAQ and id like to ask some questions about sending a logo through MS Hyperterminal. I am using a 6210 phone. First, i follwed the instruction for FAQ #8 regarding encoding short message TPDU. I tried this using hyperterminal and it worked for me. I received the ringtone titled 'test'.
    However, I would like to send a logo using hyperterminal. What should be my first step in doing this? I am very confused on FAQ#9. I don't know where to start. It says it should be concatenated into 2 parts. My question is what exactly the syntax for sending a logo? I created this:


    Am i lacking something there? Where can i input the number of receiver? the service center?

    I dont know what to type on this:
    AT+CMGS=(How can i know the length of this?)

    It always gives me Error in PDU --> 304

    Please help me to resolve my problem. I really dont know how to do it. Can you give me step by step procedures on how to send a logo using the hyperterminal?

    Thank you in advance!

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    RE: Logo Sending using Hyperterminal, please help!


    I would like to suggest that start creating a logo that fits to one SMS message.

    Smart Messaging spec v 3.0.0 includes some usefull examples at the end of the document, please check it first.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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