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    WML and PHP Question


    I am trying to build a WAP site where the wml pages are generated by PHP. I've added the recommended stuff to .htaccess (I have no access to master apache config file) and done all the usual stuff in the php scripts to output as WML. The pages all work fine on any of the online emulators that I have tried, but when tried OTA in a real WAP browser, the page will not load - "Services: Unsupported content type" message. This is the same on both a Nokia 3650 and Nokia 5100 browsers.

    Any clues as to what else I need to do would be most helpful - Thanks, Rick

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    This error messsage may mean two thing:
    1. Your server/php send wrong MIME header.
    to check sent headers you can use eg. wget command line tool or Mozilla FireFox with live http headers.
    2. Your wml isn't well formed. Try to serch for simple XML validator and validate the wml against dtd.

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