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    Unable To Open File


    After Making some hundreds of well-Working Polyphonic Ringtones for Nokias, there's Still One Big Question:

    Why do some SP-Midi-Files not work???

    - We've been Testing them on a nokia 6610, and they never were bigger than 8KB. The MIP was set to 4, with therefore no values bigger than 4, and only controllers necessary (Vol, ResetCtr, PC).

    Whats bizarre is, is that other files wich look perfectly the same, work fine while some just dont. Sometimes after decreasing the number of tracks, they started to work, so one guess is, it could have something to do with size/complexity?!?!?

    So anyone with answers please let us know. Thanx.

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    Most propably the reason is the device memory. As you know, memory in Series 40 devices is very limited. And if you have used a lot of instruments in your MIDI that might cause a problem. All the instrument samples are loaded to the memory at once when you're opening your MIDI file. Also instrument which are not included to the MIP 4 are loaded, so memory runs out and your MIDI doesn't play. Recommendation is to use only those instruments which are actually played during the song in the MIDI. More info about MIDI creation is available in FN website.

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