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    Preventing voice from receiver'd device to be heard on caller's device.

    Is it possible to programmatically prevent the voice comming from the receiver's end of a call to be heard on the Callers device.
    The device in question here is Nokia 7650 and 6600.

    What I am doing here in a application is,
    1. Programmatically open a call to a specific number using RCall.
    2. Play a set of prerecorded audio files.
    3. End the call.

    When the call is going on I don't want the sound coming from the receiver's end to be heard on the Callers device.??
    Is it possible to consume this sound/data internally??

    Kindly do let me know.

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    Same problem

    I am having the same problem. When an incoming call is received, I stop the sound in "hideNotify()" but although the sound is stopped on the receivers end, the sound still keeps playing on the callers end(rather loudly). Have you found the solution yet? Nokia, help us out here!

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