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    Generating and Sending SIR

    Hi Folks,

    I'm trying to genereate my own SIRs to inform an mobile terminal that there is an MMS for it to retrieve. I have no problem with generating the MMS content in the correct MIME format, we've sent operator MMS' with MM7 and EAIF that's not the problem. My problem is generating the correct PDUs to tell the MS to go and download the message. I've read WAP-167 and WAP -209, but I just don't know how to correctly encode the right wap push varient. Does anyone know of any tools that will help me build these? I'm also pretty sure I know what the narrow band port number for these messages is too.

    Any help is much appreciated,

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    We have some old examples here at this forum, please use the search option.

    What comes to the tools, Nokia does not offer such a thing, our MMSC will generate these m-notify-ind messages automaticly.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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