I've been trying to send a vCard in RealBasic with no luck. Typiccally, the message gets to the phone (a 6560) as just a text message without the phone knowing it's a vCard. Obviously I'm doing something wrong.

I've looked at all the FAQ's but it's still not clear what to do.

What is the simplest method? Meaning, least encoding, etc...

Do I need to specify a Subject in the email I send to the phone?

Unless I'm completely confused, there seems to be several ways:

1- //SCKL23F4...
2- //SCKL23F40000001B01...
3- //SCKE2E2...
4- 06050423F40000...

1 seems to be the normal way and 2 seems to have some extra header. 3 I believe is some kind of text method and 4 seems to be the non-text way.

I tried what I thought would be the simplest method by sending text. The body of my email was essentially:


where \r & \n were actual 0x0D and 0x0A.

This ended up at the phone as just a text message.

I then tried a similar method, instead I converted everything after the space after //SCKE2 to a hex string. No luck.

Sorry if I'm completely lame here.

Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated!