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    location based services...

    hi all..
    i am trying to develop location based services...does anyone have any idea how to go about it..?
    has anyone worked on it before..?

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    Re: location based services...

    If you are seriously thinking of starting the location based services development then you must first understand the structure and attributes of the location based data. One of the key player and the leader in location based map data collection and digitization of such data is Navteq (www.Navteq.com). Navteq not only offers their map data in multiple formats, depending on the need of the application developers and their business models but also provides the platform and tools to develop the LBS applications.
    Navteq's network for developers provides sample map data specifically to developers for evaluation and to integrate into a location-enabled application. The best part of Navteq data is that the developers can download the sample data for free if they choose to register with the Navteq's network for developers from the following link; http://developer.navteq.com/site/global/home/l_home.jsp
    Navteq data coverage is growing fast in the world. It provides fully navigable data in North America and Europe with Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific countries not too far behind. Therefore, I think if you are about to dip into app. development then Navteq is the ideal partner to start with.

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    Re: location based services...

    well you should start by making clear to ypourself what kind of location based service you'd like to make....
    Because Location Based Services is a very broad term...
    Then you should check out how you are going to establish the position of the user, after all it's LOCATION based service (GPS or other ways???)
    Then think about the fact if you'd like to use maps, and if so u'll need a map provider (like the post of eiqbal suggests) which there are several of...

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