iam trying to develop an application that read a SMS from mobile to computer iam using Nokia mobile phone 6210 with SKD suite ,VB6.

i try to use SMSNotify function written in SDK documentation

Private WithEvents SMSNotify As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
Private Sub SMSNotify_ShortMsgReceived(ByVal SMSMemory As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_MEMORY_LOCATION, ByVal index As Long, ByVal pSMS As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage)
MsgBox "Message from " & pSMS.OtherEndAddress
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set SMSNotify = New SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
Call SMSNotify.StartListeningEvents
End Sub

but the call dosent work

iam new to this area please till me what is wrong
if any when have a source code that will help me to read and to send SMS.