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    Developing a WAP site

    Hi, I have to develop a WAP website, but not sure where to start, what software can I use to design the site, my server IS compatible with WAP, so really I just need help designing the site, can anyone help me??

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    RE: Developing a WAP site

    To develop a WAP application the most important things that you may want to have are
    1. A clear idea about what you want to develop and then apply that idea according to your skills and expertise. For ex. if you are very good at JSP programming you may decide to build dynamic WML pages out of JSP rather than using ASP of php.
    2. You may also think about developing in XHTML. The use of JSP/ASP/PHP coupled with XML (XSL et al) will allow you to develop for multi platoform.
    3. Now looking at the tools you might want to have the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit to start development with, which allows you an IDE sort of environment wherein you can write and validate your WML & XHTML code.
    4. You might also want to have a Nokia Actvi Sever which will act as a WAP Gateway.
    5. While designing a WAP site you have to pay attention to some facts like less processor speed, low memory available and network latency. You might not want to stuff information but seperate as much as possible and keep it short. You might want to use less graphics as possible.
    Please visit Forum.Nokia and browse the WAP section else seach for designing_usable_wap_services.pdf file which may help you to a greater extent.


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