In the requirements section of the Symbian Series 60 v1.2 SDK it does not list WIN98 as one of the operating system. Planning to learn developing application for my Nokia 3650.

However here there are some posts mentioning that it works fine with Win98. Some posts say it does not.

So finally the doubt is, is there anything i will NOT be able to do if my OS is win98 rather than win2k or xp.

This is very important issue for me as i have a P2 266MHz processor on an i810e motherboard with 64 Mb of ram and 4.3 GB HDD (i know the system is very obsolete).

if it does work on 98 then i can buy some RAM and an HDD and that would solve my problem. (will 266 MHZ be a problem ? I dont mind if the system is a bit slow)

All i need to know is "does the SDK work to its full functionality on Win98?"