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    Series 90 emulator crashes

    Dear all,

    When running the Series 90 emulator, after it starts for few seconds and without any operation on it, it crashes as:

    exception breakpoint ... (0x80000003) occurred in the app at location 0x5b02eb0e

    Does anyone get this error too? The SDK and IDE is barely new installed. Pls help!

    my environment:
    Win2k Prof
    CW Symbian Personal v2.0
    Series 90 Dev Tools SDK v1.0 Beta 2

    Thx in advance!!


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    Anyone can help me? Now nothing I can do as the emulator just crashes!

    Here quoted the call stack and the assembly codes where the emulator crashes:

    Call Stack:
    EKERN! 5b02eb0d()
    EKERN! 5b02eae6()
    EKERN! 5b011920()
    EKERN! 5b012a6e()
    EKERN! 5b00e5d9()
    HCI! 61b01596()
    HCI! 61b01426()
    HCI! 61b0139a()
    HCI! 61b0a599()
    HCI! 61b0a56f()
    HCI! 61b094d3()
    BT! 23142674()
    BT! 231425a6()
    BT! 23158af7()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fcadda()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fcb011()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fcaee4()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fcae60()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fcadef()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fc9d14()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fcfc5f()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fceb3d()
    EUSER! 6000fcca()
    EUSER! 60004c3e()
    EUSER! 60004a59()
    ESOCKSVR! 07fd9fe6()
    C32ROOTSRV! 07cd589f()
    COMMSFW! 076c13c6()
    EUSER! 60019bc0()
    EKERN! 5b00d103()
    KERNEL32! 7c57b382()

    Asm codes:
    5B02EAD6 mov dword ptr [ebp-4],eax
    5B02EAD9 cmp dword ptr [ebp-4],0
    5B02EADD jne 5B02EAE7
    5B02EADF push 0
    5B02EAE1 call 5B02EAEC
    5B02EAE6 pop ecx
    5B02EAE7 mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-4]
    5B02EAEA leave
    5B02EAEB ret
    5B02EAEC push ebp
    5B02EAED mov ebp,esp
    5B02EAEF sub esp,18h
    5B02EAF2 push edi
    5B02EAF3 mov eax,0CCCCCCCCh
    5B02EAF8 lea edi,[esp+4]
    5B02EAFC stos dword ptr [edi]
    5B02EAFD stos dword ptr [edi]
    5B02EAFE stos dword ptr [edi]
    5B02EAFF stos dword ptr [edi]
    5B02EB00 stos dword ptr [edi]
    5B02EB01 stos dword ptr [edi]
    5B02EB02 pop edi
    5B02EB03 call 5B030B00
    5B02EB08 cmp eax,0
    5B02EB0B je 5B02EB0F
    5B02EB0D int 3

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