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    Programming a Bluetooth application in Java for 6600


    i'm a very newbie about programming on a phone (and in java to ...) and I have to program an app that use the bluetooth connection.

    I'm using Sun one studio to devellop my programs in Java and I'm working on the Nokia 6600 :

    1) I have to transfer a file from the phone to a PC via the bluetooth connection

    2) I want to use my phone as a remote control (for example when I press the button 1 something to happend on my pc where I have a Java applet that is running)

    Could you help me ?
    -> a tutorial for newbie like me who don't know how to initialize the connection could be helpfull : (I didn't found it on this site but i'm a little lost in it ... maybe it's here)

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    I am new at Bluetooth/java programming too. I've suggested the following sites in another post in this forum. Hope it will help you.


    If you know of other interesting sites, please let me know.

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