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    Database and chart example?

    I've programmed a lot in C, but very little in C++. Now I'm trying to make an simple application (Nokia Series 60, 7650) for inputting values in a database or text file and drawing a line chart from these values.

    Input data:
    - date, time, value 1, value 2

    I've gone through the examples in the SDK, but haven't found anyone that is similar.

    Has anybody an example of this kind of application or do you know where I can get more information on this?

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    Hi Thomasv,

    you can find all you need in different examples and in the documentaion. There is an example how to use the database in epoc32ex\Base\DBMS and for the graphics take a look at the documentation of the class CGraphicsContext.

    As far as I know you have to draw the chart yourself with the basic drawing operations. If you find a library or good example for charts, I'd be interested.


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