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    Using MM7 interface to Developer Hub

    I'm planning signing up to the Remote Multimedia Messaging Hub Service.

    Once signed up to this will Nokia support be able to supply me with details on how to configure my MMS handsets to point at this MMSC. I have about 20 different handsets (number likely to grow), most of which are Nokia handsets but I'd also like to test others against the MMSC.

    Do I need to sign up to further Nokia support to get this information?


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    Hello Michael

    I hope that you have already recieved the information that you needed about testing. But, if you have not...

    You can sign-up and get answers to questions about using the Developer HUBs at

    Once you sign-up... you will get all the information you need to configure your devices and servers. If you are unsure about the service, you can start the "Service Order" process and see pricing and descriptions along the way. Then, you can always cancel-out before inputing your credit card information if you feel that the service is not what you wanted.

    Best of Luck!

    ~ quyen

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