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    Communication between appl


    Query: I want to send a msg to an application (ex app2) while launching from an application (say app1).

    1. If I launch the application by RSApsLsSession and
    2. Send the message immediately by SendMessage function
    3.In app2 ProcessMessageL() is not recieveing that msg , it leads to failure of SendMessage in app1 function because app2 is not lauchned properly

    Sol: I can keep one state variable in systemagent like by RSysAgent class

    1.Defaulty makeit as IDLE
    2.Whenever I am launching set as Launching in app1
    3.After app2 launching is over check that status if it is launching make it as Launched..
    Do whatvere I need
    4. In app2 destructor make it as IDLE back

    My question is there any solution above than other in

    Messaging arch server?

    If Yes Pls let me know the corresponding API ..

    It should not be Apparch server , it leads to many interactions between applications by sending message and processmessage all those things

    Thanx and Regards

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    hmmmm, sometimes it's good that people make multiple posts, gives me oportunity to make two different answers.

    After writing the first answer and then reading the question again I just remembered that maybe you could have a look into the CApaCommandLine that you are propably already using.

    Basically with it you can define command line parameters that you could process in the application you are running. so it would basically get the first message right on time when it is starting to run.


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    Hi Symbian yucca

    Thanx for ur resp..

    Posting different locations leads to multiple solutions ...)

    Srinivas Darsi

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