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Thread: Wap Browser

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    Wap Browser

    How can i teste my application in Wap Browser insede the SDK 9210

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    RE: Wap Browser

    You can test your WAP services with the emulator, which is included in the Nokia 9200 Communicator Series SDK for Symbian OS. To view the decks locally, you should put the WML files to the following folder: NokiaCPP/Epoc32/Wins/c/documents/wml and then open the files in the emulator by selecting Shift+Ctrl+O -> Communicator -> documents -> wml.
    If you want to access your WAP service via Internet connection, then you should take a look at the document called Configuring the WINS Emulator for Internet and WAP Connections. It can be found at the Forum Nokia web site under Symbian documents section.

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