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    How to upload My picture

    i got a server and a telecomunication company shortcode number(for example 3XXXX). Can i upload my picture which i took from mobile phone and send over the picture via that number? If can how i gonna do that? If i can't, what should i do to upload my picture into my server. Thanks.

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    There are several ways which you can upload your picture to your server.

    Since this is the MMS discussion section, I will address that first.
    Using, MMS, you would need a server-side MMS application which can recieve MMS messages. This is called an Application Terminating (AT) MMS application. This application would need to be directly connected to an MMSC. You can then send MM messages (including your mobile photos, sound clips, etc.) to your AT application by referencing the assigned short code or e-mail address (depends on the configuration).

    You could also do the same over Smart Messaging... sending SMS to an application by giving the assigned short code. However, remember that with SMS, the content type is restricted and you cannot simply send any image (like GIF or JPEG) via SMS.

    An alternative to both of these would be to use a WAP website. In XHTML, you can create pages where you can UPLOAD content. This would allow you to use the mobile Browser to go to your XHTML page (hosted on your server) and then upload a file to your server.

    You can learn about these techniques by looking at the helpful documenation at www.Forum.Nokia.com
    Look for XHML guides in the "Technologies" >> "Browsing/WAP" area. And find MMS and Smart Messaging documentation under "Technologies" >> "Messaging"

    good luck!


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