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    Trouble with PC Connectivity and N6310i


    I'm developing a pc-program that need to use a Noki 6310i to sen SMS. But every time i call the function "smsadaptor.Send(sms)", where "smsadaptor" is a 'SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter' and "sms" is a SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage, I get the error "errCommunicationError".
    The phone has alrady been detected in the "Connection Manager" and I'm able to get some information from it, i.e. IMEI-nr.
    Does anayone know this problem? I would be very thankful if someone could help me.

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    Re: Trouble with PC Connectivity and N6310i

    I am having exactly the same problem.
    My Code works perfect with a 5110 and SDK 2.1
    If I swap the 5110 with a 6210 it gives me an error (errCommunicationError).
    I am definitely using the correct cable (DLR-3P) and I've tried with both 2.1 and 3.0 SDKs.

    Following part of my code:
    Friend WithEvents SMSAdapter As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter

    Private Sub SendMessage(byval message as string, byval mobileNo as string)

    Dim smsMessage As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage
    smsMessage = SMSAdapter.CreateShortMsg()
    smsMessage.UserDataText = message
    smsMessage.OtherEndAddress = mobileNo
    'smsMessage.SCAddress = "+447973100973" 'I've tried with or without that

    Catch exc As Exception
    End Try

    End Sub

    Can someone see something wrong?
    Thank you for your help

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