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    problem in running application on device

    I have written a background application ,that supposed to start automatically after the device has started....
    My application is running on the emulator and doing what exactly i intended to do........but on the device it's not running.....

    Can anyone help...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First i have created a instance of CApaDataRecognizerType , and then started a thread .. which waits while divece is booted properly (i have taken 30 sec) . I have taken a tasklist running on the device.....and then i m invking the function LaunchWapBrowswer1L ,which launches the browser.........

    How do i debug the background application on the device .. whether the control is going in to certain function the background application(which starts automatically after device has started).

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    does it have eny errors showing ?
    Have you tried using any logs to see whats happening ?

    Please give us a bit more information what you are doing, what is happening and what seems to not happen that should, with your code.


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