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    Qcelp on .3gp file format

    Is possible to encode an video (h263 or mpeg4) using Qcelp audio codec on 3gp file format?

    According to the 3GPP2, have two ways to encapsulate Qcelp audio: in QCELPSampleEntry or MP4AudioSampleEntry.

    According to the 3GPP, if a .3gp file contains codecs not conforming to this specification they may be ignored.


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    3gp -file format is basicly just a wrapper that contains media streams and it can basicly contain whatever media. The way devices, atleast Nokia devices, are behaving is just like it says in the spec: unknown codecs may be ignored. So, if you wrap h.263 and Qcelp audio to 3gp-file and open it with a device that conforms 3GPP spec, it will just simply show the video and ignores audio part.

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