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    Mms with SMIL on 7650

    I have created an application on Series60 to create and save MMS message in Drafts folder.
    I was able to create the MMS in Drafts folder but while opening it I encountered some problems. Following are the 2 scenarios I have encountered :

    Case 1 : Created MMS message and specified the SMIL file as an attachment using CreateAttachment2L() and also set it as root entry point using SetMessageRootL().
    After that specified the remaining files as attachments using same CreateAttachment2L().
    But when I Open this message from Drafts folder I receive Error
    "Unable to insert.Object corrupted or format not supported"

    Case 2 : I had read somewhere on this forum that Nokia 7650 does not support SMIL file. But when we compose an MMS on device how come there is usally a file called "pres.smil" created under one of the many folders of C:\system\mail\.

    So on the basis of what I read on forum I created the MMS message again but this time not specifying SMIL file as an attachment. But now when I open the Message from Drafts it opens exactly the first time only. But any subsequent time I open it I receive error "Messaging : Feature not supported"

    Can Nokia Engineers please tell whether actually SMIL file is needed or not on 7650? Also is it needed for this file to support UNICODE(16-bit) or ASCII(8-bit) text?

    Also on 7650 when I put a SMIL file and try to get the type of file using RApaLsSession::AppForDocument() method it returns "text/plain" instead of "application/smil"
    Why is it so?
    The SMIL i was using is as follows and was saved as .smil:
    <root-layout width="180" height="210" background-color = "#c0e4fa"/>
    <region id="Image" height="75%" width="90%" left="5%" top="0%"/>
    <region id="Text" height="25%" width="90%" left="5%" top="75%"/>

    <par dur = "3s">
    <img src = "Solar Eclipse.jpg" region = "Image" alt = "Solar Eclipse.jpg" dur = "3s" begin = "0s" />
    Is there some problem with SMIL??

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    Hi -- please see the MMS examples in the Symbian section of ForumNokia, AND please have a look at the Sample MMS Creation - 2-Slide Message with SMIL Part -- have a look at this VERY simple SMIL which is to be used with the 7650 and 3650.

    When creating an MMS on the 7650 from your Symbian app, if you do not include a SMIL part, one will be automatically added for you.

    If you want to have any control over what type of SMIL is sent with the MMS, I suggest you create the SMIL yourself.

    I believe when you look at the MMS examples, there is a note whether to be using CreateAttachment2L or CreateAttachmentL, but I can't recall right now.

    Text parts in an MMS should be UTF-8 encoded.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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