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    about the nokia wap gateway simulator

    The NWGS have to ways to processes local file


    as default the "server.domain" should be

    but my question is: what is the folder for the, that is,
    if I use such url, where should my wml file be located?

    and when I use the second method,
    url looks like that "http://toolkit/c:\index.wml"
    it works
    but I can not access the hyperlink in the wml page

    in the gateway simulator Adminview, there were information like that: -> http://toolkit/c:%5Cindex.xhtml -> http://toolkit/style.css -> http://toolkit/pics/32/xwtq32a.gif

    my second question is : what folder that the "http://toolkit/" refers to in my local computer

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    I have thouth that the folder "wap_root" should be the root diretion of the viture wap gateway

    but my mobile browser emulator can't display the wbmp in the "index.wml".


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    I have the same problem!

    There is no issue about this in the user guide for NWGS.

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    I didn't get the problem of this...

    Gateway is just the "tool" between the SDK and web server.

    Could you send more information about what you are trying to create .


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