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    mms on series 40


    i have a problem with nokia mobiles based on the series 40!

    If I send a MMS with a special slideshow (e.g. picture-text-picture) on my mobile phone, the order on all mobile phones with Series 40 is thrown totally in a mess! Then order is, for example, Bild-Bild-Text-Text and the pictures and texts are in themselves also once more in the wrong order!

    exists anywhere a functioning smil-file running on series 40 (and also series 60)?

    thank you for help!

    follow smil-file is meanwhile used:

    <smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/SMIL20/CR/Language">
    <region id="region1" top="0" left="0" height="100%" width="100%" fit="scroll"/>
    <par dur="10000ms">
    <img src="part1.jpg" region="region1"/>
    <par dur="14000ms">
    <text src="part2.txt" region="region1">
    <par dur="10000ms">
    <img src="part3.jpg" region="region1"/>

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    Developer Platform 1.0 Series 40 devices display the various objects contained in an MMS message in the order in which they
    appear in the message. The user uses the keypad to move to the next item. Any audio objects must be started manually. SMIL presentation is not supported.
    Developer Platform 1.0 Series 60 devices support SMIL presentations that are built according to Conformance Document 2.0; however, only the following aspects of the presentation are used:
    &reg; Grouping: Which objects belong to which slide
    &reg; Ordering: What is the order of the slides
    &reg; Layout: Is Image shown before Text, or vice versa
    All other aspects of the presentation (such as timing) are ignored. The user uses the keypad to move to
    the next slide. If the first slide contains an audio object, it is started approximately 2 seconds after the
    slide is displayed.
    Is SMIL presentation processed: Yes.
    The presentation may contain functionality that is not supported by the Series 60 device, but as long
    as it is a valid SMIL script, there will be no processing issues. If there is an error in the SMIL (for
    example, if a media object is referred to using a Content-Location identifier when there is no media
    object with that identifier), the user will only be able to view the individual objects of the message via
    the Objects menu.
    Developer Platform 2.0 Series 60 devices support enhanced SMIL presentation.
    Read more about Developer Platforms from Series 40 and Series 60 sections.
    M, Forum Nokia Developer Support

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