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    'LINK.EXE' problem

    'LINK.EXE' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    ERROR : failed to find version information for LINK.EXE

    guys, can help me with the problem above... it occurs whenever i try to use 'abld makefile vc6' to produce the workspace and project files (.dsw and .dsp) for Visual C++.

    On a related point, when i tried using ' abld build wins udeb ' to try to build the example applications provided with series60 v2.0 SDK .. there is always a failed location error of finding my files..

    the problem is that this occurs in PCs that i have installed with
    ActivePerl 5.8.3 build 809

    which i have also installed in a previous (original) PC that is working fine... somehow these installations on these new PCs just doesnt work .. help pls.. i need to do a fresh installation but i cant do that because of these newly arised problems

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    link.exe is not part of the symbian toolchain afaik. Could try installing a copy of MS VStudio if you have a copy knocking around. This includes link.exe and a few other DLLs etc that are needed.


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