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    Nokia remote MMSC access


    I'm dealing with an application that have to be able to send MMSs to a Nokia MMSC.
    I've done successful tests to the Emulator Nokia provides. And i would like now to test to a real Nokia MMSC Server.

    I've seen you can buy a temporary (2 months) remote access to Nokia MMSC. But what that provides?. Will i be able to send MMSs to a end user mobile phone?. What other things the "real" server gives me over the emulator?.
    I did not find any full description of the service on this web.


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    There is no interworking provided from our MMSC to other networks. You will get special settings for your terminal to be able to receive messages from this MMSC.

    You can send and receive MMS messages using your terminal and/or using your server application.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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