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    Maintaining State with ASP


    I have been trying to develop a streamlined XHTML-MP version of an existing fixed internet site. The site uses ASP to generate the XHTML. I have had no problems with the fixed internet site and its mobile incarnation works well through the various emulators available.

    The problem is when I tried running the site on a real life 6600 it displays some quirky attributes. Mainly I perform a check to see what mobile device a user is using, this is done through their input into forms. The values from there forms are stored as cookies. The cookie values are then used to dynamically generate content suitable for their mobile device. There are several check throughout the site that rely on identification of the cookie values. If the cookie values are blank they are redirected back to the section where they can select there mobile device. Unfortunately this redirection occurs all the time all the time, making me believe that the cookie value are blank. However I can write out the value of the cookie and confirm that they are not blank.

    The ASP code is virtually the same as the fixed internet site which works, only the content generated is different. The code works on the series 60 and 5100 emulators. I have tried using session variables, cookies, cookie keys, hidden fields and long/fat urls to maintain state. They all seem to cause the same problem.

    Am I doing something stupid? Does anyone have any ideas or comments? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Rob Stanley
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