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    Can't send & receive SMS using 8310 & SDK 30

    Dear all,

    I'm trying to send SMS and receive any incoming SMS using my PC. Now i'm using 8310 and PC Connectivity SDK 3.0. IRda is ok, Nokia Connection Manager can detect it smoothly...

    I did copy paste from the doc and made a little changes (just combine some codes) from Nokia SDK 30 PDF.

    But still I can't send SMS or even detect an incoming SMS. What's wrong?
    Or should I use old phone like 5110 and 6110,7110 using COM cable and SDK 2.1 instead of using new models and SDK 3.0.

    Please any suggestions are welcome and really appreciated...

    The code is below......(VB6 + SP5, Nokia SDK3.0, 8310, IRda on WinXP Pro SP1)

    Private SMSSend As New SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    Private WithEvents SMSNotify As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter

    'kalo sms masuk (a new SMS coming)
    Private Sub SMSNotify_ShortMsgReceived(ByVal SMSMemory As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_MEMORY_LOCATION, _
    ByVal index As Long, _
    ByVal pSMS As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage)
    MsgBox "Message from " & pSMS.OtherEndAddress
    MsgBox "Isi pesan:" + vbCrLf + pSMS.UserDataText
    End Sub

    'kalo Sent Report dateng (a Msg Sent Report coming)
    Private Sub SMSNotify_ShortMsgSent( _
    ByVal pSMS As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage)
    MsgBox "Short message sent to " & pSMS.OtherEndAddress
    End Sub

    'kirim sms (sending sms)
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim ShortMsg As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage
    'enable error-handling routine
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    'assign an object reference to a COM class
    'Set SMSSend = New SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    'create the message
    Set ShortMsg = SMSSend.CreateShortMsg
    'Copyright © 2002 Nokia. All rights reserved
    'Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 (for Nokia Phones)
    'Component Library Reference
    'message body
    ShortMsg.UserDataText = Text2.Text
    'destination number
    ShortMsg.OtherEndAddress = Text1.Text
    'short message center number
    ShortMsg.SCAddress = "+62855000000" 'IM3
    'send the message
    Call SMSSend.Send(ShortMsg)
    'avoid error handler
    Exit Sub
    'error handling routine
    Dim SMSError As NmpAdapterError
    SMSError = SMSSend.GetLastError
    Select Case SMSError
    Case errPhoneNotConnected
    MsgBox "Error: The phone is not connected. "
    Case Else
    'handle other situations here
    End Select
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    SMSSend.StartListeningEvents 'listening mode
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    'release the reference
    Set SMSSend = Nothing
    End Sub

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    You have to use the EXTENSIVE component library when working with the 8310 !

    The SDK3.0 introduces new interfaces which you MUST use with newer phones like the 8310 to get full support.

    The other phones you mentioned (5110, 6110,7110) will likely work because you're using old v2.1 components in your code.

    "Component Library" => SDK2.1 interface for working with older phones
    "Extensive Component Library" => SDK3.0 interface wor working with newer phones.

    Some phones are even supprted by BOTH interfaces, but this is only with a few models.


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