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    [Moved] Who will develop a BabyPhone application?

    I have been searching for a mobile phone with a BabyPhone function. I have not found any phone with this feature.

    My home phone does have this feature and it is very useful.

    What it does is, it reacts on an external sound and if the phone 'hears' a sounds (which lasts for more than 3 seconds), it will dial an other number and start a call.

    This way the parent can listen to what is happening in the room.

    This feature is very useful on holidays, or when you take your baby/child somewhere, where you do not have acces to a regular BabyPhone.

    Please contact me, if you are interested in building such an application for the Nokia 6230.

    Maurice Moolenaar

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    Nokia 6230 is not a Symbian phone, so maybe you want to raise this issue in Java section.


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    Re: Who will develop a BabyPhone application?

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    Re: Who will develop a BabyPhone application?

    Quote Originally Posted by mtsoft2000 View Post
    I dont see any S40 device there. Note Maurice Moolenaar wants it for 6230 whose details you could check here

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