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    Nokia Series 60 SDK 2.0 Comms problems


    I'm trying to run the NS60 SDK 2.0 emulator to debug a program that communicates with a server via HTTP. The simulator is running on a W2K machine communication with the server over the local LAN. When the midlet starts up the simulator asks for permission to open a connection and gives two options "Direct PPP" and "NT RAS with Null Modem". Whichever option is choosen the midlet fails to connect and an IOException is thrown. However using the 1.2.1 SDK you get an option labeled "Direct HTTP" which connects successfully. Is it possible to configure the 2.0 SDK to use "Direct HTTP" or what configuration changes are needed to support one (or both) of the options currently available.



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    HTTp connect with SDK 2.0 s60

    I expirence the same problem.
    I have also downloaded the new version 2.1 which fail to even load the midlet.

    Is there an emulator the run MIDP 2.0 at all with http connection ?

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